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Wine Tasting Tips




Here are some tips to help improve your wine tasting experience.  


    The First Rule - Have Fun!!!  


  • Do not wear strong perfume or fragrances while tasting wine. Most of what you taste, is what you smell!  Strong fragrances can alter the wines you are tasting.  It also alters the wine others are tasting.  

  • Chewing mints or gum will definitely affect the taste of wine - and not for the better!  Smoking will have the same effect.  

  • The goal of tasting wines is to expose you to great wine and help acquaint you with a particular winemakerís style, not get you drunk. I want you to have a great time, feel comfortable, maybe learn a little but please limit your consumption to what you can handle.

  • You will be given ďtastesĒ of wine. The pour that you get may vary from winery to winery - some giving you more than others (and possibly more than you want). The wineries will not be offended if you either spit or dump-out wine. No one at the winery will put you on the spot if you do not consume the wine. You may also opt out of tasting a particular wine if itís not your thing (although I highly recommend that you taste all types of wine since one type can differ in style from one winery to another).

  • Do not be afraid to ask questions. Wine makers LOVE to tell you about their wine. No question is a stupid question and learning adds so much to the wine drinking experience.

  • Drink lots of water between tasting wines. Staying hydrated is the key to avoiding hangovers. Youíll thank yourself in the morning! We provide cheese, crackers, fresh fruit and plenty of water.  That all helps with the "wine buzz" and enhances the entire experience.

  • Take a note pad to make tasting notes. Itís always good to write down your perception of the wine you tasted as you taste it (and when you still remember).  You will surprised later when you go back and read your notes how it helps you to learn and enjoy wine at a new level.

  • If you find a wine that you especially like, buy it from the winery! You donít have to feel obligated to purchase on your visit, but if you know youíre going to buy it anyway, then why not directly from the people who make it? Plus itís a great token of your wine excursion and it gives you a way to share the experience with friends when you return home.

  • Lastly, enjoy yourself. Exploring wineries should be a very fun experience. Try wineries you have never been to and some that youíve never even heard of. Try some wines that you wouldn't normally drink.  Ultimately, I want to make sure you feel comfortable in the tasting room, learn a little, taste some great wine and have a wonderful day.  It is YOUR day, and I'm here to make it the best possible.  If I can do anything to make the day better, just ask.  


  • Be safe and don't drink and drive.  



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